mud flaps & SPLASH GUARDS

Trucks Plus offers a variety of mud flaps and splash guards. Mud flaps and splash guards are great ways to protect your truck’s exterior, especially when driving on Lincoln and Omaha streets. Your tires are constantly coming in contact with rocks, mud, dirt, salt, tar, water and other elements like rain, snow, ice and filthy slush. Your tires kick up all the debris from these combined elements, and the resulting layer of debris can corrode and damage your truck’s paint and metal. Mud flaps and splash guards create a barrier between the tires and wheel wells, defending your truck against these materials.

At Trucks Plus, our top priority is maximizing the longevity and effectiveness of your truck and its accessories. We know you have high standards for your truck’s performance, and we do everything we can to meet or exceed those standards. That’s why we only sell products and truck accessories  of the highest possible quality. We also offer installation services to ensure that these top-notch products work their best for the long haul.

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