It’s True! If you’re looking for the most modern & durable truck toppers Omaha has to offer, Trucks Plus has the most current options and the fastest installation in the area.

Expand your truck bed with a LEER cab-high cap. Our truck caps are engineered to  maximize space and protect your cargo.

Mid/high rise caps are here for the long haul. Our caps utilize 15% more space and save on fuel with impressive aerodynamics. 

Our commercial truck toppers are built for years of hard labor. These caps get the job done with extensive storage options and more.

At Trucks Plus, we have the perfect truck caps for your truck when driving around Lincoln or Omaha. Our caps and toppers are great for commercial or non-commercial use. We provide truck caps for a wide variety of trucks, and can service dozens of different models. Our toppers are completely customizable to ensure that you get the ideal cap for your business. Whether you need a specialty cap for unusual materials or a more traditional topper, Trucks Plus can fit your truck with the correct high-quality cap for your cargo needs.

Truck caps and toppers can also be beneficial for non-commercial trucks. Whenever you haul any valuable materials in an exposed truck bed, there is a risk that those materials could be damaged or stolen. A cap protects your cargo wherever you go. You can’t always be there to watch your belongings, but Trucks Plus can protect them 24/7.

Our Trucks Plus professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you find the truck capper or topper right for your truck and your specific needs. Our top priority is ensuring that our customers get a quality product whether it be a truck cap or other truck accessories and protection like window tinting. We are with you through every step of the process of buying a new truck topper. We find the right cap for you, at the lowest possible price, before our professionals install your truck cap. Professional installation ensures that your cap is secure.

Call Trucks Plus today or visit us in Omaha to see what we can do for you!

Fit my truck

Fit my truck