Access Original

The Access Original roll-up tonneau cover is Access most sought after cover. The Access Original is the most request tonneau cover on the market today. The Original truck bed tonneau cover gives you the flexibility you need and the sporty look you want. Each Access Original roll-up tonneau cover is made to provide the tightest […]



Access Lorado roll-up cover is the top of the line low profile for style and quality. Lorado soft tonneau cover offers the same quality components, easy to install applications and simple operation as the respected Access roll-up cover but with a low-profile design that complements the sleek contours of your truck. This soft tonneau cover […]



Access LiteRider roll-up cover is an increased capacity cover at a great value, with a sleek design, and a long lasting, durable truck bed cover. The LiteRider roll-up cover offeres a durable and long lasting cover offering the best value any cost conscious consumer would appreciate. Access LiteRider can conveniently roll open and out of […]


Access Limited

The Access Limited roll-up tonneau cover is a premium tonneau cover for truck owners who insist on the very best in style, quality and luxury. Access Limited combines all of the components of the original Access tonneau cover and adds a few luxury features you can’t find on any other truck bed cover. The Limited […]

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Fit my truck